Property Tax

All property owners are required to pay real estate taxes on the real estate they own in the Borough of Millvale whether it is undeveloped (vacant) or improved. Allegheny County determines exceptions as well as assessment values placed on individual parcels. Real estate taxes are calculated by multiplying the "Full Market Value" established by Allegheny County by the tax millage rates established by individual taxing bodies. Below are the current year's millage rates. See Allegheny County Office of Property Assessments for more information.

Millage Rates 2018

  • Borough of Millvale 10 Mills  - $10.00 (per $1000.00 valuation)
  • Shaler Area School District 23.28 mills - $23.28 (per $1000.00 valuation)
  • Allegheny County 4.73 Mills  - $4.73 (per $1000.00 valuation)