The Army Corps of Engineers did a lot of work in the creek. Here are a few things to remember when there is a severe weather forecast or any threat of a large accumulation of rain in a very short period.

Siren System

Millvale Police monitor the creek on a regular basis to determine if there is a threat of possible flooding. The Allegheny County 911 center also updates Millvale on weather and creek levels on a regular basis. When the creek reaches a predetermined height the Emergency Management Coordinator, Police Chief, Fire Chief, Borough Officials, Borough Manager and Road Crew are all put on stand by.

The SIREN blows ONCE if there if the water rises to a threshold with a chance of flooding, TWICE if water has already come over the banks. 

Please take the following precautions if the SIREN blows ONCE

  • Move your car to a higher elevation. 
  • Remove valuable items from your basement. 
  • Stack sand bags (available at the Public Works building at Riverfront Park). 
  • Screw in your back flow devices. 
  • Keep watch over pets and children.

If there is flooding / the SIREN blows TWICE

  • Expect water in the streets.
  • Remain inside your house.
  • Do not drive through water.
  • Call 911 if you need assistance.
  • Evacuate to Millvale Community Center if needed. (416 Lincoln Avenue)

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