Remember Repair Together Day Resolution


This weekend marks the one year anniversary of the senseless and tragic acts that occurred at the Tree of Life Synagogue building in the City of Pittsburgh's Squirrel Hill neighborhood. The Borough of Millvale Mayor Brian P. Spoales worked with City of Pittsburgh - Office of the Mayor William Peduto in standing together as neighboring communities in solidarity, and with this Resolution recognizing both the loss of life as well as the swift action from the brave first responders on the scene.

We at the Borough of Millvale recognize this solemn day and stand together with our neighbors in the City of Pittsburgh.

The text in the photo reads as follows:


Remember Repair Together Day

Resolution designating October 27th as “Remember Repair Together Day” in the Borough of Millvale.

WHEREAS, on October 27, 2018, hateful violence struck Pittsburgh's Squirrel Hill neighborhood, which is home to a vibrant, diverse and loving Jewish community; and,
WHEREAS, the Tree of Life synagogue building is home to three congregations, Tree of Life*Or L'Simcha, New Light and Dor Hadash, each with its own distinct voice and faithful community of thinkers and worshipers; and,
WHEREAS, while the Borough of Millvale and the City of Pittsburgh must remember in sorrow the tragedy of the loss of 11 souls, we should also celebrate their lives, their contributions to their community and the family and friends who loved them; and,
WHEREAS, Joyce Fienberg, who was a retired researcher at the University of Pittsburgh and a community volunteer, was known for her willingness to pitch in and help anywhere that she saw a need; and,
WHEREAS, Dr. Richard Gottfried was known for his love of golf, reading, running and fine wine, as well as providing free dental care to refugees and immigrants; and,
WHEREAS, Rose Mallinger, known as "Bubbie" by all of her relatives, who worshiped at the Tree of Life Synagogue for more than 60 years, was 97 years old and amazed all who encountered her with her energy; and,
WHEREAS, Dr. Jerry Rabinowitz was known for his bowties, his laugh and for being a skilled and compassionate doctor whose practice was a safe place for HIV patients in the early years of the disease; and,
WHEREAS, Cecil Rosenthal, described as the "honorary mayor of Squirrel Hill," was known for his concern for others and his love of swimming, and David Rosenthal was known for his strong work ethic and his love of anything related to the police or fire department, and while the Rosenthal brothers lived with intellectual disabilities, that did not stop them from having rich, full lives that brought joy to all who encountered them; and,
WHEREAS, Bernice Simon, a former nurse, died alongside the love of her life, husband, Sylvan Simon, a veteran and a retired accountant, and the two of them were known for their sweet, funny banter with one another and their love of the symphony; and,
WHEREAS, Dan Stein, who was a salesman for a plumbing supply company, a driver for a funeral home and a former substitute teacher, was known for being quick to help others, unpretentious and a great fundraiser for his congregation; and,
WHEREAS, Melvin "Mel" Wax was an accountant who, after retirement, made use of his unique abilities with numbers to track Pittsburgh Pirates statistics and was known for his quick, silly humor and his commitment to attending services every single week; and,
WHEREAS, Irving "Irv" Younger, who owned a realty company and was a former high school baseball coach, was known for his delight at becoming a grandfather and his willingness to help a stranger; and,
WHEREAS, on the morning of October 27, 2018, a white supremacist gunman attacked the victims mentioned above and their fellow worshipers were attacked in their place of worship, in the largest deadly act of anti-Semitism in United States history; and,
WHEREAS, Daniel Leger and Andrea Wedner each suffered gunshot wounds and survived; and,
WHEREAS, officers Anthony Burke, Timothy Matson, Daniel Mead, Tyler Pashel, John Persin and Michael Smidga were injured as they attempted to stop the shooter, and saved many lives alongside other courageous first responders; and.
WHEREAS, just hours after the attack, thousands of Pennsylvanians converged on the streets of Squirrel Hill and individuals and groups across the world responded to this tragedy to pray, mourn, demonstrate and support those in need; and,
WHEREAS, the Islamic Center of Pittsburgh, the broader Muslim community and so many diverse communities throughout the region reached out with compassion and support, showing the world that acts of violence will only serve to further unite faithful people across religions and traditions; and,
WHEREAS, the City of Pittsburgh thanks the rabbis and volunteers of the two Chevrah Kadisha, or burial societies, that sanctified the dead; and,
WHEREAS, the City of Pittsburgh thanks the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh, Jewish Community Center of Greater Pittsburgh and Jewish Family and Community Services of Pittsburgh and the countless volunteers and donors of every faith and background in Squirrel Hill and around the world,

BE IT RESOLVED THAT The Borough of Millvale in unison with the City of Pittsburgh hereby declares October 27th as “Remember Repair Together Day” in perpetuity and honors the 11 Pittsburghers who lost their lives and made significant contributions to their communities.