Millvale Diner

A family-run restaurant specializing in homestyle meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, there's no better way to describe fantastic burgers, fresh cut fries, or Friday fish night specials than Darren's review on 

"An opening act in the Artichoke Cheese Dip set the stage for goodness to come with its wantonly rich flavors and textures, the warm tortilla chips soaking up the oils beautifully, delectably.

The Millvale Diner's menu can be surprisingly upscale. Among the hoagies, burgers, and pizza are steak and seafood dishes. Not knowing what I wanted, I just went with a bacon cheeseburger and fries. The fries were as fiery as they were crispy and were seasoned with peppers I cannot name. The burger, while not gargantuan, was acceptably hefty and cooked to an almost ideal medium rare. Wide, fatty bacon strips stuck out from the pillow-ish bun like tentacles from a Kraken. The french fries were hot fat sublimity and had that bronzed, cooked-twice quality I look for in my tuber straws.

[The] Citrus Glazed Chicken was supple, honeyed culinary triumph. Beautifully plated with colorful veggies and ring-molded dirty rice, the dish succeeded with a modest elegance.

Dessert was a 5 layer chocolate cake as tenebrous as the band we were about to see and whose music we were about to experience. One evil brick on a plate, an inverted cross would have been an appropriate garnish as the cake was saturated with fudgy flagitiousness. It was so unholy, I almost called for a glass of ice cold milk, blessed by a cleric of course." 

Have a taste yourself to find out what this commotion's all about!