Update from Mayor Brian Spoales

In regards to the flooding in Millvale on July 5, 2018


Millvale….How we doing today? As we reflect on the events from one week ago today,you have to be consumed with the magnitude of last Thursday's rain storm and how our town has rebounded in a very short time.

We all understand that there is still plenty of work to do in regards of cleanup and receiving help from those agencies that are available but we are grateful for what today and the future brings to Millvale. Today, let’s look back at the love and support we received from our next door neighbors and surrounding communities.

I, along with our Police Chief and Maintenance Supervisor, as well as numerous first responders walked the entire length of Millvale this past weekend not once but 2 – 3 times, checking on individuals, talking to those cleaning out and surveying the damage within the creek beds. You saw both sadness and calmness along the way, but there was one thing everyone had in common….a great attitude. We were met with some tears but mostly smiles and that states to what we are as a community.

Millvale is a strong, hard-working town that when you feel the worst you understand that someone else is even dealing with something more devastating than you, and that no matter what hits this town we will together as one hold hands, embrace each other and rise above all adversity.

The update that I received from the North Hills Community Outreach is that we are down to approximately 50 homes that still need muck out and cleaned, and the NHCO is also in the process of calling those on their list to verify that individuals do not need any more help. If you still need help in cleaning out please call 412-408-3830.

This is where you can help.You can join the Volunteer Coordination teams by calling 412-408-3830 Ext 3218 to leave your name and number to get on the list of volunteers.
Today, July 12th there is will a Multi-Agency Resource Center from 1 – 7pm located at the Millvale Community Center (416 Lincoln Avenue) for those impacted by last week’s rain storm.

Last but certainly at the top of my list is to thank everyone who helped this past week especially our very own Millvale Volunteer Fire Department (Station 191) and Millvale Borough Police Department for their dedication and service for our town. As you know with help from surrounding area Volunteer Fire Depts., Swift Water Rescue Units total calls into 911 last Thursday were 130 and to top it off after kicking butt for four days in the heat they responded to a structure fire up on Siegel St. on Sunday evening. Needless to say they were exhausted when it came time for them to go back to work, yes their full time jobs, come Monday morning. We owe them all a ton of love and support but more on that next week, for now reach out and thank each and every Volunteer for their dedication and service.

Mayor Brian Spoales