memorial Day
MAY 21, 2020
Memorial Day.  On what is normally the beginning of summer, with pools opening, picnics bringing families together, the sound of baseball echoing through the summer air we once again have to put the brakes on.   The United States is dealing with a pandemic and locally we are abiding by what is called the yellow phase.
Memorial Day is the one day of the year where as a nation we come together to remember our fallen troops, to mourn their loss and celebrate their lives for fighting the battle for our freedom.  In Millvale we would gather at the VFW Post 118, to honor the fallen with music, prayer, speeches, laying of wreaths, 21 gun salute, and the playing of taps. Through all of this the names of the fallen for the past year are read and the bell tolls for each one recognizing them as Millvale’s finest as we share stories with their families and friends and learn even more about their time in service.  It is our time of dedication to their memory, to their heroism, to our freedom as a country representing our towns pride in our hometown hero’s.
This year the VFW will stand silent, no music, prayer, speeches, 21 gun salute or the playing of taps.  The silence this year at the doughboy statue will be defined by the uncertainty across the whole United States.  The uncertainty that our Veterans faced each day they were in battle.
The question becomes how do we honor the fallen from this past year that so bravely gave up their lives at the time of war to protect and honor our great nation.
I would like to suggest a moment of silence across Millvale at Noon on Monday May 25, 2020 for a period of 2 minutes and then if you are able, ring a bell, ring it 4 times to honor the following Veterans that called Millvale their home.
Mayor Vincent Cinski
Ed Kress
James Milletary
Frank Yukorivch
After the moment of silence, the Police officers, Borough Council, Fire Department, and I will be laying wreaths of remembrance at the Doughboy statue across from the VFW.  No veteran should be left behind or forgotten and on this day here in Millvale we will remember and honor their lives as we do each and every year.
Be safe Millvale, enjoy your families and for now keep physically distancing and socialize in a manner that someday you would like to be remembered.
Mayor Brian P. Spoales

Link to watch the Memorial Day regional event live Monday Morning

This Monday, May 25th, join us in remembering those in our communities who have died. Participate in viewing this program that will be streamed live from Soldiers and Sailors with included pre-recorded submissions from community members and organizations.