MAY 21, 2020
Memorial Day.  On what is normally the beginning of summer, with pools opening, picnics bringing families together, the sound of baseball echoing through the summer air we once again have to put the brakes on.   The United States is dealing with a pandemic and locally we are abiding by what is called the yellow phase.
Memorial Day is the one day of the year where as a nation we come together to remember our fallen troops, to mourn their loss and celebrate their lives for fighting the battle for our freedom.  In Millvale we would gather at the VFW Post 118, to honor the fallen with music, prayer, speeches, laying of wreaths, 21 gun salute, and the playing of taps. Through all of this the names of the fallen for the past year are read and the bell tolls for each one recognizing them as Millvale’s finest as we share stories with their families and friends and learn even more about their time in service.  It is our time of dedication to their memory, to their heroism, to our freedom as a country representing our towns pride in our hometown hero’s.
This year the VFW will stand silent, no music, prayer, speeches, 21 gun salute or the playing of taps.  The silence this year at the doughboy statue will be defined by the uncertainty across the whole United States.  The uncertainty that our Veterans faced each day they were in battle.
The question becomes how do we honor the fallen from this past year that so bravely gave up their lives at the time of war to protect and honor our great nation.
I would like to suggest a moment of silence across Millvale at Noon on Monday May 25, 2020 for a period of 2 minutes and then if you are able, ring a bell, ring it 4 times to honor the following Veterans that called Millvale their home.
Mayor Vincent Cinski
Ed Kress
James Milletary
Frank Yukorivch
After the moment of silence, the Police officers, Borough Council, Fire Department, and I will be laying wreaths of remembrance at the Doughboy statue across from the VFW.  No veteran should be left behind or forgotten and on this day here in Millvale we will remember and honor their lives as we do each and every year.
Be safe Millvale, enjoy your families and for now keep physically distancing and socialize in a manner that someday you would like to be remembered.
Mayor Brian P. Spoales

APRIL 28, 2020

WE Made It! That’s right we actually made it.  This is what most of us will be shouting come May 1st as Governor Wolf begins to roll back restrictions.  Many of our life’s moments have been put on hold but Is this a good thing or not?  The idea of not knowing if one is a carrier is our greatest fear.

We must keep in mind that the stay at home order will still be in effect until May 8th if not longer.  Our recent isolation has showed us here in Allegheny County, in particular right here in Millvale that we are taking this pandemic seriously.  While May 1st will allow more outdoor activity and that being outdoors will help us manage stress and boost all of our mental health it is still imperative that we continue to wear mask and use physical distancing from one another.  We all wait for the day to socialize with our families, grandkids, neighbors and friends but in a way we can all still do that by using physical distancing and talk to one another from the door way, porch, sidewalk all while staying the suggested distance of 6 – 10 feet.  

We have a long history of rising up and meeting challenges head on and I am confident that Millvale will emerge as we always have during time of hardship.  My hope for the future is that all Millvale citizens will look back and take pride in their response to this new and most difficult challenge.  We have seen an abundance of love for our neighbors and we Thank everyone who has stepped up to volunteer at the food share table, those looking after their neighbors, our mask makers and families with teenagers in helping them understand that we need their love and support now more than we ever have before.  

While the trend shows we have more challenges to endure, Millvale’s future will only rise if we all continue to pitch in and do our part to help keep our Millvale family safe.  Your strength for maintaining patience, with your own families allows all of us to have hope that we will meet again and continue to live our lives to the fullest.

The Mayor’s Association of Pennsylvania is organizing Bells Across Pennsylvania Day, this Sunday May 3rd at 7pm.  We are asking that all individuals come out ring a bell, bang on a pan and I am asking the Millvale churches ring their bells for 3 minutes and support emergency medical personnel, Firefighters, police officers, employees of grocery stores, pharmacies, and other life-sustaining businesses who have braved the viral elements.   Most importantly we need to ring the church bells, bang on a pan to honor and recognize Millvale’s own volunteers working at the share table and school lunch program, Millvale Police, Millvale Firefighters, Millvale Public Work’s personnel and all those helping Millvale citizens find comfort in the unknown.

I would like to leave you with this quick story as I believe that it helps outsiders understand what we have as a family here in Millvale.

I took my dog for a walk today and coming home I was at a stop sign and a young teenager came by with two fishing poles, and I asked him how his day was going and how many fish he had caught.  He proceeded to tell me that he was only headed to the river to begin fishing.  He then turned to walk away, stopped, turned back and said “Hey stay safe”.  



Millvale, I write to you today with hope and praise for our citizens and for our country.  We are in a time of the unknown, a time of uneasiness, a time of hope. 

The unknown walks the streets, shops at the local grocery store and possibly is our neighbor. Remember heed the advice from the CDC and Governor Wolf in keeping the recommended distance of 6 to 10 feet and avoid shaking hands.

The uneasiness is not knowing who is walking past you, where they have been and who they have been in contact with.  No, it’s not a time to ignore someone but it is a time to think smarter, be smarter understand the severity of COVID-19. 

The hope is that we as a country and in particular a citizen of Millvale understand the severity of COVID-19 and we follow the guidelines set forth by Governor Wolf and the CDC.  This is a time that no matter our situation we support each other by having compassion for those suffering with the virus and those that live their everyday life with a challenged immune system unable to fight off any type of Flu not just this pandemic of COVID-19.  Our hope is that ALL first responders get the protection needed to continue to serve the greater community and our hope is that in the end we stand stronger and prouder for the part we played in helping our neighbors and friends during this time of need.

Here in Millvale we recognized this pandemic and issued a Declaration of Emergency on Saturday March 14th.  We understood that this may have given folks an uneasy feeling but rest assure from the moment we signed the Declaration our number one concern is and will always be YOU the great citizens from the Borough of Millvale.  The declaration of Emergency covers Millvale as a precaution for funding in case our Borough is hit hard.  Would I like to tell you how much and who would receive the funding, Yes, but of course until the time comes and assessments are complete there is not a lot of information on this front that we can provide.

I am asking that the adults take this time to educate yourself and children on what is going on and advise them of the seriousness of COVID-19.  It is hard to make a child who feels like they won with no school, no homework, staying up late and sleeping in but it is that child that if we do not educate on the severity of this pandemic, on why it is important to not go out and play, shake hands and be around their friends that may carry the virus home to its family.

Take the time to check in on your neighbors by knocking on the door and stepping back as they answer or via a phone call.  There is a good chance your elderly neighbor is afraid sitting in a house by themselves not knowing where to turn.  There is a good chance they are not feeling well or have not been out to the craziness picking up supplies.  Every time I speak to you and I ask again, Check on your neighbors, let them know they have a friend that they can count on, it just might make a difference.

Myself, Borough Council , Police/Fire Departments and administrative staff want to Thank You for the De-Socializing and the outstanding job you have taken on with the house sitting that you have been maintaining.  No one knows how long our lives will continue to be disruptive as the day to day changes keep all of us moving and working towards becoming greater individuals knowing that the small part we played helped to end COVID-19.

The worst thing one can think and say is that I am not in the proper age group so why am I isolating myself.  Well folks no one is immune to a virus no matter your age and how healthy you are, you may just be a carrier.

In closing, I was reading an email where the United States Surgeon General, Dr. Jerome Adams was quoted as advising citizens to be “acting as if we have the virus”.  We all need to be conscious of our behavior using every precaution of keeping our distance from others as a way to protect our loved ones and our community.


Mayor Brian