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Residential Visability Design Tax Credit Program

This program offers a tax credit as an incentive for new construction or renovation that provides access for disabled individuals into residential housing. The total amount of the tax credit granted shall be the lesser of $2500 (over a period of 5 years) or the total amount of all increases in property taxes levied by Allegheny County as a result of the construction/renovation eligible for the tax credit. INFO & APPLICATION


The Borough has several programs to deal with blighted structures including the Allegheny County Vacant Property Recovery Program, Millvale Side Lot Program (application - info) and the newly established Tri-Cog landbank. Additional programs include blighted structure aid, removal of blighted structures and increased enforcement of structures through Commonwealth Act 90.
Additional Source Info:
Housing Study and mapping
Property List

Public Outreach

Stormwater Smart! Preventing Pollution in Your Neighborhood

Rain Barrels: 5 Things to Consider

Stormwater Management


Cooperation and resolution of community issues is best accomplished by pooling resources. The Borough of Millvale along with Etna Borough and Sharpsburg Borough have joined together to share cost and develop a Comprehensive Plan, River Bend which was completed in 2014.The 3 Boroughs also completed a joint zoning ordinance in 2015. Additionally, the Borough of Millvale was awarded funds from the ARTEZ revolving loan when ARTEZ ceased operation. The loan fund will be operated by Millvale and is available to the following communities; Borough of Aspinwall, Blawnox Borough, Borough of Etna, O’Hara Township, Borough of Millvale, Shaler Township and the Borough of Sharpsburg. The Rivertown community managers also meet on a regular basis in an effort to  cooperate and coordinate for the provision of services in order to achieve maximum efficiencies, economies of scale, high quality services, and modern governmental processes. Other cooperation among the local governments are through vehicles such as Councils of Governments (COGs) and other intergovernmental organizations, all efforts support economic growth and vibrancy in the Rivertown communities.Areas of collaboration or potential collaboration include:

  • Land Bank with Shaler Area School District
  • Blighted Property
  • Recycling and Garbage Collection
  • Emergency Management Agencies
  • Joint Purchasing
  • Municipal Officials and Staff Capacity Building
  • Planning, Zoning and Code Enforcement
  • Public Safety
  • Public Works
  • Recreation and Parks
  • Stormwater Management


As a part of Millvale's overall sustainability measures and commitment to Borough employees, pensions are funded at over 100% in the long-term.


Borough employees attend numerous training's each year to support advancement of ongoing practical objectives and engagement in new techniques.  Millvale Borough consciously focuses on Municipal and Sustainable learning practices to build the most current understanding as a foundation for municipal growth and sustainability. Millvale believes employee education provides a rich environment for building consensus, collaboration and continued growth.
Additional professional development for Department heads enables learning through collaboration with colleagues and motivation within the work environment. 
Training and professional development is provided by numerous sources including; P.L.M,, DCED, DCNR, Allegheny County Police Academy, PSATS, LTAP, A.L.I.C.E., GFOA, PELRAS, LGA, APMM, FEMA, PSAB, Eco-District and others. 

Millvale Borough also has one Public Works employee trained and certified as a Pennsylvania Pesticide Applicator within Millvale and specific to Borough building s and grounds. 


In the spirit of sustainability and colaboration Millvale has joined the Western Pennsylvania Energy Consortium which is recognized as a Green Power Partner by the Environmental Protection Agency. Green Power Partner status is awarded to organizations that purchase a minimum of 10% of their electricity from renewable energy sources and are reducing the risks associated with climate change by supporting sustainable technologies for businesses and communities.Millvale Borough is pleased to offer residents and businesses this service discount and green energy source. 

The Borough of Millvale is also a participant in the Duquesne Light streetlight LED retrofit program. 


In an effort to be inclusive and aware of cultural, generational,  race, sex and all potential forms of discrimination the Borough regularly reviews all practices including police and administration to assure the continued reduction of prejudice and discrimination, while promoting efforts to increase appreciation for diversity. Diversity review includes all Borough, boards, volunteer activities and hiring practices. The review process is open and available for public comment.


All municipal-sponsored events have a sustainability-awareness component when possible.