Millvale Community Library

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Millvale Community Library

On a quiet downtown street a community comes together — children on the playground, immersed in a book or learning computer skills, while their older comrades sit on a bench, drink coffee and teach life lessons…

That’s what we see, what do you see? ~Library Home Page

In Concert with the New Sun Rising

The New Sun Rising (NSR) was established following the flooding due to Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Ivan. This non-profit helped to establish the new locale of the Millvale Comunity Library, with a state-of-the-art facility providing educational, occupational and community-based programming for all ages. Click here for more information on the New Sun Rising.

Your Feedback is Valuable To Us!

Want to volunteer, ask a question, make a donation, make a suggestion? We’re looking for any input you might have: good, bad, and otherwise. Visit us at the library or contact us via email, phone, snail mail to put in your two cents!