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History of Holy Spirit Parish - Bringing Two Church's together as One United Catholic Church

St. Ann's Church was founded in 1874 as the first Catholic Church in Millvale and consisted of about seventy-five German and thirty English speaking families. Some of these early German Catholics founded their own school in 1876 in an effort to educate their children in Christian values and to maintain their German heritage. This German population continued to grow and in 1886; they received permission to build their own church and separate from St. Ann Church. St. Anthony Church was founded. In 1887, St. Ann's built its own school.

Both parishes grew and thrived in Millvale and both experienced changes that resulted in erections of new church buildings. Building of the current St. Ann Church was completed in 1924 in response to a growing congregation and in 1914 , a new St. Anthony Church was built for the same reason. However, in 1936. as St. Anthony's prepared for a fiftieth anniversary celebration, a tragic fire caused great damage to the interior of th Church and major repair work was done.

Due to declining enrollment and rising expenses in 1989, St. Anthony's and St. Ann's schools merged into Holy Spirit Regional School. Respectively, in 1994 due to declining parish censuses and rising expensed, ST. Anthony's and St. Ann's Churches merged into Holy Spirit Parish. Both worship sites were maintained until February 1998 when St. Ann's worship site was closed and St. Anthony worship site officially became Holy Spirit Parish.